Hi! I'm David.

I'm a teacher and a designer of games for education.I was born in the US, but as a young man, I moved to China to teach for a number of years I learned to speak Chinese and experimented with using games for learning. Now I live with my wife and two sons in India, where I teach kids around the world in online classes that honor their independence and creativity.Here are a few of the things I'm working on:

Play to Learn

Redígo is the game I developed to help my students develop stories through play. Download it at Itch.io or read the web version at letsplayredigo.com.

Learn With Me

I use Redígo to teach creative communication (including writing, teamwork, logical thinking and storytelling skills) to kids all around the world. And you (or your kids) can be part of it, too! Learn more at arisetolearn.com.

More to come!

I have a lot more in the works that I'm not ready to announce just yet. If you'd like to get in touch for classes or collaboration, send me a message using the form on the right!

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